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Tyson Fury has revealed how he was inspired to make a comeback after Deontay Wilder suggested that his boxing career was "done".

Tyson Fury has revealed how he was inspired to make a comeback after Deontay Wilder suggested that his boxing career was "done".

The former world champion will return to the ring in Manchester on June 9 as he ends an absence of over two-and-a-half years from the sport.
During his hiatus, Joshua has claimed all three major world titles that Fury vacated following his last victory over Wladimir Klitschko, while heavyweight rival Wilder has consolidated his reign as WBC beltholder.
The two champions are currently in negotiations for a mega unification clash - a $50m offer to Joshua from Wilder's team the latest development - and Fury feels he is only a few fights away from again mixing it with the best.

"Really, it was Deontay Wilder who spurred me on and gave me the ambition to return," Fury said.

"He [Wilder] said I couldn't do it, definitely not, Tyson Fury is done."

"I was walking along the canal with my dog at the time and I thought 'I'm a fat pig look at the state of me', I felt like jumping in and drowning.

"I thought I will turn this around and come back and knock him out, especially what he said about Mike Tyson which wasn't very tasteful.


"I'll have a couple of warmup fights first and then I will be ready for these guys - we will take on anybody."

Fury's profound confidence was again noticeable as he spoke at a press conference announcing his ring return and he believes that alone would be enough to beat Wilder or 'AJ'.

"I don't fear anybody, they're all very good fighters, good champions but I believe with my skill and talent I beat them, even my confidence alone is enough to beat these fellas," he continued.

"I believe I could tie one hand behind my back and beat 'AJ' and Wilder, pick either hand to go behind my back, that's how confident I am.

"I'm not sat here for a payday, I don't need money. I had a lot of money and it didn't make me happy, I can guarantee that when Christmas is everyday it doesn't make you happy.

"Being active and content and having something to live for makes you happy. My calling card is boxing and I've been blessed and given a talent that not many other people in the world ever has.

"I want to showcase that talent and put it to the best use I can, I want to inspire others, there's a lot of mental health problems out there in sport, so I want people to know If I can come back from where I have been, then anybody can come back and achieve their goals.

"I just want to get back in there and dance beneath the stars."
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